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The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. Psalm 119:130

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Luke 15:4-7 speaks of how God rejoices over just one lost sheep being returned to the flock. We are all sheep, some are lost and some are willfully engaged in the knowledge of the Shepherd. That Shepherd is Jesus Christ. uses a simple approach to bring those sheep who are being deceived back to the Shepherd who gave them life.

Tools used for this ministry:

Bible(s) and Books of Authority:

Various Bibles have been used to create this website. The main Bible used for the Analysis Using Scripture sections is the King James Version (KJV) due to its more recognized authority. Religious group specific Bibles and publications are used to back up claims for those religions that note the Bible as an autoritative source, but have conjured up their own versions to support their doctrines. Alternative quotations are displayed in red when they have been pulled from a source other than the standard KJV Bible. At times the fallacies in these publications are pointed out as well as an analysis of each to show their lack of divine inspiration and corruptedness. Below is a breakdown for each group:

Jehovah Witness: New World Translation (NWT) Version used is a 1980 publication. Original is 1950. Online Version (publication date unknown - not published on Watchtower website, but not 1980).
Mormon: King James Version with Joseph Smith Tranlsations, D&C, current publication of the 1830 Book of Mormon & 1989 publication of the Book of Mormon.
Oneness: The Oneness of God by David Bernard (One of the largest proponents of the Oneness doctrine)

Simple Logic:

Simple logic is the process of using basic reasoning skills and common sense to identify the truth within information. Reasoning should not be overlooked as we review the totality of Scriptural understanding. By using simple logic we take historical information, known truths and inductive/deductive reasoning to help us identify what the claim of these groups are saying, what life itself shows us, and how the world manifests itself post creation. The term "simple" is used because it does not take deep thought to identify these truths, instead we show that many very book smart individuals can lack the art of simple logic because they lack common sense. In other words there is such a thing as thinking too much for ones own good. Too much thought causes one to question every thought they have forcing them into giant battles of doubt within themselves and ultimately a clock work style change in stance on any issue.

Historical Information:

Independently identifiable historical context is used to show that the information presented here is to the best of our knowledge accurate in all respects. If any source is found to be faulty then please bring this to our attention and it will be verified. Only sources that can be readily investigated will be pursued.

The Purpose:

There are religious groups out there that claim to be Christians yet venture far from what Scripture tells us. Individual interpretations and false prophets have aided in the development of Satan's greatest weapon, false Christianity. False prophets, false doctrines, and society as a whole have duped hundreds of millions into an unholy sense of security and faith that is against God's will. It is shameful enough that the unity of Christianity has been divided into numerous different denominations generally based on worship style and ritual preferences, but spreading the gospel of a different Jesus or no Jesus at all is truly destructive to all humanity. The worst part is that the red flags brought up by those who care go ignored. Ignorance is not bliss, but instead a curse. We must question anything or anyone who tells us they know the truth and we should investigate further that which we believe to be true. One simply cannot know the truth without exploring all facets of it first. God does indeed exist and there is only one way to worship Him. That is to worship God through Jesus Christ. To make matters worse Satan has unleashed the Atheist, the Agnostic, the Darwinist and the Secular Humanist onto the world in order to further decay morality. The warped visions of the groups outlined here are not logical nor Biblical. Jesus Christ has changed my life and He will do the same for you. May the light of God's Word shine on you all to the glory of Him who created you.

My Story:

Lastly, it is important to understand my personal background and where I come from. God has graciously allowed me to formulate this website in His name. By reviewing my story you will be able to gauge the type of individual I am and whether or not I am expressing any bias or merely presenting the Word of God as He has instructed me to do for His glory. Click on the My Story link in the menu bar to read more about me.

Monday, October 25, 2021

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